Democrat dating website mature women dating younger man

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Democrat dating website

But on those days where I actually contract a date, I've noticed a remarkable difference between going out with a Democrat and Republican.

The most difficult part is getting a Republican of any sort not to say "no," even before you ask them any question.

The Republican on the other hand will expect you to buy the most expensive wine, at least one bottle, will eat only a mouthful of food, while watching the rest rot on her plate, and then expecting you to pay the entire bill, leave exactly a 15 percent tip, on your card, or in small demeaning coins.

The Democrat even if there isn't any chemistry will allow you to take her home and at least give you a hand shake.

If somehow you can persuade them into thinking by going out with you you're bailing out her father on Wall Street, then you may get a "yes." If you're able to get an actual date, the Republican will only settle for going to an upscale establishment that only accepts credit cards with extremely high interest rates, while the Democrat will actually give you a choice in the matter and might even consider bringing a dish.

Once on the date the Republican will constantly be judging you, not only by the choice of red meat you select, but how rare you prefer it and how many hormones and artificial additives you are willing to ingest for her, but also they expect you to refuse to eat if served by someone they suspect to be an illegal alien or doesn't have a crucifix dangling from his or her neck.

Heaven forbid, they have a loud watch and ticking is heard, your date (probably an NRA member) will most likely be packing a weapon and your waiter will be out of a life.

One study asked 2,212 US participants questions about moral beliefs like fairness and cheating, and it has gone so far as to suggest that "liberals and conservatives, while differing systematically in their moral world views, are actually more similar in their moral judgments than anyone thinks." In fact, both conservatives and liberals exaggerated their own moral judgments and those of the opposing party.While some female Trump supporters certainly reject male Hillary Clinton supporters based on their political leanings, "male Trump supporters are more willing to date women with different views." That’s mostly because "males are much more willing to date across political lines than females." The reasoning is up for debate, but Oldridge hinted it may be simple numbers.Since "women are less prevalent on online dating websites, they have the opportunity to narrow the field." And this female aversion to male Trump supporters is reflected in social media campaigns like "Vote Trump, Get Dumped," which urges women to withhold sex from men who plan to vote for the Republican nominee.A 2012 study found that when you frame questions in terms of "fairness and care for humanity" for subjects, the differences between Republicans and Democrats are much less stark.And although both members of each party report "looking for a partner who is like themselves" on dating sites, data indicates the younger you are, the more likely you are to be married to someone of another political ideology.

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