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Related: Celebrities React To Shocking United Airlines Incident! After video of aviation police violently dragging a United Airlines passenger off a plane against his will (because of the flight being overbooked of all things) went viral, all the United CEO could do was apologize for "having to re-accommodate" the customers.But the police are taking this disturbing story more seriously; the officer responsible to bloodying the poor passenger's face is apparently being put on administrative leave.

Chicago police, being Chicago police, helpfully added hey too bad the guy cut open his face when "he fell" on that armrest.

The dystopian video of Chicago aviation cops viciously ripping a 69-year-old doctor out of his seat on an overbooked United flight, slamming his head on an armrest and hauling his limp, bloodied, evidently unconscious body down the aisle like a bag of trash has sparked widespread fury, as did the company's tone-deaf, blame-the-victim response to what they delicately called "the situation." The assault - let's call it what it was - began Sunday night on a Chicago to Louisville flight, when the airline said they had to clear four passengers off the plane to make room for United employees. David Dao, a Vietnamese-American internist and one of a six-doctor family - four of his five kids and his wife, a pediatrician - refused to give up his seat, explaining he was due to see patients the next day.

Airline staff called out the cops, because Amurica. Oscar Munoz, who just inexplicably received an award for “Communicator of the Year,” issued what one observer called "the least human-sounding statement in crisis-PR history," non-apologizing for "the overbooking situation" and - Euphemism of the Year alert!

It’s understood that he is a doctor who was unwilling to leave the plane as he was due at his hospital for work the next day.

A second video showed him, still bleeding from the previous altercation, somehow managing to re-enter the plane while repeatedly saying “I need to go home”.


United Airlines president Oscar Munoz offended multitudes with an initial tweet that reeked of Orwellian corporatespeak: “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”His follow-up efforts sounded more heartfelt.

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